Celebrating success: Patient Testimonials 

Hear from our satisfied clients as they share their transformative experiences with Elite PT’s exceptional services in Rehoboth Beach. Discover real stories of improved movement, recovery, and renewed vitality.

J. Lachall

Elite PT on the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach is amazing. The people and the facilities are beyond first rate. The location inside and outside is amazing. After the greatest hands on care, followed by the most effective targeted exercises, when my treatments were finished I was able to walk the boardwalk and gaze upon the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Five out of Five Stars and then some. Now it’s back to the golf course for me.
M. Snyder

I LOVE all the staff here! Always so welcoming, AND they have a PT dog! Always on time. Never running late. Flexible schedule. Actually helps and educates on what to do and how to do exercises. Will listen to you if you are not experiencing relief from exercises given and try new things. They want what’s best for you and that’s all I could ever as for in a Physical Therapist!
C. Curtiss

This is my fourth go-round with PT at Elite (foot surgeries, broken ankle) over the past 14 years and can say unequivocally that they provide outstanding care. The therapists and their assistants (and the non-therapist trainers) are to a person excellent. They made – and are making – huge differences in my healing, strength and mobility. The facilities are clean and everyone who works there is helpful and friendly, including the staff who work at the desk. The owner is always (seemingly) on the premises and I share her sense if humor. The facilities have expanded greatly—a sign that I am one of many happy clients.
B. Young

Short and sweet: if you are looking for professional care during your recovery, these are your physical therapists! They focus on your healing with every visit. The support staff are equally as professional. My wife and I both needed care at different times and we each had positive experiences. Stick with Elite PT in Rehoboth—you won’t be disappointed.
K. Webb

Highly recommend Elite PT! Training for a half marathon. Wasn’t sure if it was a tear or tightness. Elite PT squeezed me in and was able to quickly identify issue. They take a holistic and hands on approach to PT. Can’t say enough positive things about Elite. I am back to training thanks to Elite.
C. Meyers

This facility has the best physical therapists and a very friendly staff who will always assist with your needs by making appointments to fit your schedule. Each therapy session is designed specifically to address your problems and get you back to a stronger you.
C. Sponaugle

The entire staff makes me feel like I am a part of the Elite family. Everyone uses my first name and goes out of their way to make sure I am comfortable. My physical therapist checks in multiple times during my hands on therapy and exercises to see how I am feeling. This enables her to know exactly what exercises and hands on therapy are getting me better.
B. Smith

I believe Elite PT is the best in the field. As an athlete, its uplifting to work with Elite PT who understands the needs and challenges faced by athletes. They listen to my concerns and questions, and they provide me with the support and guidance I need to make a full recovery. They’re a huge component on the road to crushing goals.
J. Reihm

Professional and personal care. The therapist really listens to me and addresses my concerns. The receptionists are very welcoming. Everyone is so positive and encouraging.
L. Barnhart

Our family members have recovered over the years from injuries thanks to the fine work of Elite PT in Rehoboth. The therapists are compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable. Their location on the boardwalk with an ocean view adds to the healing nature of the therapy.
L. Judd

I’ve been to many PT places in the area. Elite is, by far, the best! The staff is knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. The treatment is customized to my needs and can vary according to how my body is responding on any given day. Elite has equipment that no other facility in the area offers: the Alter-G treadmill, the pilates Reformer, and cross-body resistance bands, all of which have been producing results!
S. Horn

My Dr referred me to another PT facility that couldn’t get me in for weeks. I called Elite and they were able to see me within in hours. Upon leaving my first visit I was 50% better, my second visit 90% better and feeling 100% on my 3rd. Sim Kaur was my PT and was great to work with and knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend.
S. McNeil

Elite is a very professional organization with excellent therapists. I appreciate their hands approach, and also that the assistants are very knowledgeable and helpful.
J. McIntyre

Strong satisfaction with my experience at Elite.Outcomes are what all of the effort is about.In every instance I am physically better for having treatment at the Rehoboth location.I have had several knee replacement surgeries, on both knees, in every instance I have been physically improved by select Elite for my knees.
C. Kammerer

Elite has helped me for over 5 years with my knee pain due to a chronic diagnosis. This year during the wrestling season, I hurt my foot and was unable to walk or put weight on my leg without excruciating pain. Elite was able to schedule me the same day of the injury and I was 100% back to normal in 2-3 days, which allowed me to wrestle in the state semi-finals. This is just one of the many examples when Elite helped me at a crucial time.