Your questions, answered. Find expert responses to common inquiries about our premier physical therapy and sports medicine services in Rehoboth Beach.

Can I be seen for just Dry Needling?
No, our therapists must evaluate you first. They will then use dry needling as one of their treatment methods. Dry Needling is not covered by insurance and requires an out-of-pocket payment in addition to your regular physical therapy copay. We charge a supply fee of $15 for each Dry Needling session, on top of your co-pay. Doctor prescriptions that specifically state the need for dry needling are required.
Do I have to pay for parking in Rehoboth?
Parking meters are on from May 15 – September 15 starting at 10am each day. There are residential parking spots 1–2 blocks away that are free before 10am and after 5pm every day. If you have further questions, please feel free to call our front desk!
Do I need a doctor referral or script for PT?
Delaware is a Direct Access state, which means that you can be seen for up to 30 days without a doctor’s referral. After 30 days, the state of Delaware requires a script. If you have Medicare for your primary insurance, you must have a prescription for physical therapy from a Doctor before you are treated.
Do you accept my insurance?
We are in-network with Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. If we are out-of-network with your insurance provider, we honor your in-network benefits once your out-of-network deductible is met. As a courtesy, we will run your benefits before your first appointment but also recommend that you
Do you offer self-pay rates?
Yes, our self-pay rates are $175 for the initial evaluation and $90 for the follow-ups. We also offer a 10-Pack for $800. This package is offered after the initial evaluation and must be paid in full.
What conditions do you treat?
We treat all injuries and conditions! Whether you have a chronic injury or illness, a sports-related injury, acute pain, or have an upcoming or recent operation or replacement surgery, we have you covered! If you are experiencing a more complex condition such as vertigo or concussion rehab, please call our front desk or specify that you are experiencing this condition and we will get you set up with one of our therapists that specialize in your specific condition.
What happens if I can’t make my appointment?
In the event that a patient cancels the same day as that appointment and that time slot is not able to be filled, the patient will be charged a $50 fee. In the event that a patient does not show up to a scheduled appointment, the patient will be charged a $50 fee. Please provide us with as much notice as possible if you cannot make your scheduled appointment, as that time could be filled by another patient.
Do you treat auto-accident or worker’s compensation cases?
We sure do! Please have all information at the time of intake, including claim number, insurance company name and address, adjustor name and phone number, and date of the accident.
Do you offer home-health or telemedicine?
At this time, we do not offer these services. We do, however, have private treatment rooms available by request. If you do not feel comfortable being treated in our open clinic due to covid or personal reasons, please tell your therapist!
How long are appointments?
The initial evaluation is an hour with the physical therapist. Follow-Ups include 30 minutes of 1-on-1 care with your therapist, followed by an additional 30 minutes of guided training and exercises with a PT technician. Plan to be at physical therapy for 45 minutes to an hour.
What should I wear to my appointment?
There is no specific dress code for physical therapy. We recommend athletic/leisure clothing and sneakers. However, it is not required. Depending on your injury, your therapist might ask you to wear shorts, a t-shirt, a tank top, etc. but that will be discussed with you prior. You may also utilize our bathrooms or private rooms to change before your appointment. If in doubt, please call us and ask!
Do you treat children?
Yes! We treat patients over the age of 7.
If I am not a current patient, can I still come to use the Alter-G treadmill?
Unfortunately no. We require every individual that utilizes our Alter-G treadmill to be thoroughly evaluated by a licensed provider to ensure that they are safe and appropriate to use this piece of equipment. If you have any questions, please call our front desk and we would be more than happy to discuss specific cases!