Personal Experiences

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Longtime Patient

“Elite has helped me for over 5 years with my knee pain due to a chronic diagnosis. This year during the wrestling season, I hurt my foot and was unable to walk or put weight on my leg without excruciating pain. Elite was able to schedule me the same day of the injury and I was 100% back to normal in 2-3 days, which allowed me to wrestle in the state semi-finals. This is just one of the many examples when Elite helped me at a crucial time.”

-Carson K.

Telehealth Patient

“I couldn’t be more pleased that you are offering telemedicine as an option. It saves me from having to make the tough choice between addressing a limiting but a non-life-threatening physical problem and possibly risking exposure to a much more serious disease. The Zoom sessions with my physical therapist are more than adequate to evaluate progress, assess my performance of at-home exercises, and get all of my questions answered. And, it’s fun!” 

-Mary D.

Chronic Pain Patient

"Steve took the time to figure out what was going on with my chronic neck issues and subsequent vertigo. Never before has any other PT gone above and beyond like he has! His hands-on approach and "magic fingers"  made a big difference in my neck management. I'd like to commend your whole staff in their kind and caring approach to all your patients. Everyone has shown such professionalism. Rare these days!" 

-Mary W.

Home Health Patient

"Because health concerns made it difficult for me to come to an Elite PT site, I was told about the new home health service being provided by Elite PT. A date was easily scheduled. Mark came to my house, outfitted in necessary protective gear, with a table which was sanitized. The session was done outside, in beautiful weather, to minimize the probability of infection. All necessary precautions were observed. The session was thorough and professional. It provided me with the regular therapy session I would have had, in a safer environment. I can not say enough positive things about the experience. I have scheduled more sessions for the future."

-Susan S.

Knee-Replacement Patient

"Everyone is on the “same page” at Elite and there is a detailed plan for my care. All the exercise techs work expertly as a team to assist me with my exercise routine. From the moment you walk in the door, you will receive a warm greeting and feel immediately welcome. I can’t thank everyone at Elite enough. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

-Deborah F.


Professional Soccer Player

"After tearing my ACL in Spain, I flew home specifically to work with Rudy and to rehab in Elite’s incredibly professional and supportive environment. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and takes the time to hear your concerns and goals, working with you personally to create a plan moving forward. Can’t recommend them enough, especially Rudy, who I trust not only with rehabilitation from injuries, but with my career as a professional athlete."

-Emily D.

Elite Employee

"I’ve wanted to be a physical therapist in the outpatient setting for years but lost my spark after interning as a student PT in another clinic. When patients were rushed in and out, I felt like I was missing the best part about being a PT— the compassionate care. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to intern, and now work, for Elite PT, a company that has reignited my spark for the profession! I’m excited to be in an environment where physical therapists are given the time they need to care for and help every patient reach their highest potential!”

-Sim K.