Danny Singles Podcast

Click the link to check out episode 285 of “The Flourishing Experiment” featuring Radnor Physical Therapist, Danny Singles. 

Topics discussed include:

  • The importance of “shaking up” your exercise routine, especially for long-distance runners

  • Why starting off super strong with any form of exercise can lead to injuries

  • Why the offseason is everything

  • What’s important—and not important—when getting back into running

  • Danny’s “airplane exercises” and how to do them (you don’t need to be on an airplane!)

  • Danny’s thoughts on HIIT training and long-distance running

  • A must-know secret to using a standing desk

  • As a physical therapist, the things Danny sees over and over again (hint: It’s about your abs!)

  • When Danny recommends seeing a psychologist or sports psychologist