golf TPI

What is a TPI Screen?

A Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen is performed by a TPI certified professional with the goal of decreasing injury risk as well as improving golf performance.  By measuring mobility, flexibility, and strength of multiple regions of the body that are critical in the golf swing,  areas of concern can be identified and addressed before they cause an injury or continue to limit the quality of play. When a TPI medical screen is performed in conjunction with a PGA teaching professional, swing flaws can be identified by the teaching pro. Those flaws can then be further investigated by the medical professional. At the conclusion of the screen, you will walk away with a better understanding of your limitations on the golf course, and an exercise program to improve your game.  

Do you suffer from an over-the-top swing? Limited hip mobility and core weakness might be to blame. Can your backswing or downswing use some work? Poor wrist extension may be the culprit here. No matter the hindrance, a medical professional can help you improve by prescribing specific exercises. Whether your goal is to be able to get through a round of golf without lower back pain or to be more consistent with your ball striking, a TPI screen is a great option to help you reach your goals on the golf course. 

From golf-pros to beginners, TPI screens can offer valuable insights to optimize the potential of all players no matter your skill level. Two of Elite PT’s physical therapists, Hayes Glanden (Rehoboth Beach) and Kyle Hughes (Wilmington), are TPI certified professionals and are available by appointment for TPI screens.  Call to schedule yours today!